Jason Grom, a father, a Help At Your Door Board Director, and the Vice President of Field Development at Ameriprise, learned about the importance of having the option to age at home from his grandma who still lives in the house that she built with his grandpa in the 1950s.  

The house holds many treasured family memories: holiday gatherings, celebrations, and visits from loved ones. Over the years, she’s established routines for everyday living and a strong sense of belonging in her community.  

His grandma’s good health along with a dedicated support network, specifically family and local providers, has made it possible for her to maintain her independence and connections in a place that she knows and loves. Because of local providers, grandma’s family can focus on spending quality time with her – instead of having to focus on errands and other tasks.  

Jason’s experience with his grandmother led him to reflect on how fortunate she was and to consider those who may not have loved ones nearby nor services available to meet their daily needs. The lack of support can limit a person’s choice to continue living independently in their homes. He felt compelled to honor his grandma and looked to give his time to a Twin Cities organization that supports older adults.  

In September 2019, Jason joined Help At Your Door’s board of directors and has shared his talents, expertise, and leadership skills to enhance our operations. His efforts have helped us better assist our clients, volunteers, and donors. When asked, Jason will tell you how much he has learned while serving on the board and how essential the services are that Help At Your Door provides – and how our connections with older adults build community and foster independence.  

Want to learn more about Help At Your Door’s services? Visit: helpatyourdoor.org/services. You can also find out more about our work by watching our video.

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