2023 Annual Report

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Dorothea, Age 75

Dorothea, Age 75

Help At Your Door Grocery Client

I like that they call me on Tuesday – like clockwork, and you get your groceries right on time; the delivery drivers bring them right up. They are just very accommodating and very friendly.

Message From Leadership

In 2023, Help At Your Door made 10,039 food deliveries and provided 6,552 rides for older adults and people with disabilities residing throughout the seven-county Twin Cities metro area. Along with bringing personalized services designed to help individuals continue living in their chosen homes, Help At Your Door strengthened existing partnerships and built new ones with local organizations. These efforts enabled us to continue making our offerings accessible to diverse populations equitably.

The breadth of our services – grocery assistance, home support, transportation, and food shelf distributions – requires a significant internal and external infrastructure to ensure we preserve the high-quality support we aim to provide. Whether that’s dutifully tuning up and replacing vans or coordinating the 499 volunteers who make our mission possible, the behind-the-scenes work is no small task. We are grateful to our dedicated volunteers and staff who generously give back to the community.

The need for our services is growing. According to the Minnesota State Demographic Center, “the number of Minnesotans turning 65 this decade (285,000) will be greater than the past four decades combined.” This past year, requests for our transportation services were more than we could facilitate. While we regularly seek and review how to improve and streamline using feedback from our clients, volunteers, local partners, and donors, the work is challenging when the demand is so great.

67% of the people we serve live alone, 59% have a disability, and 47% have incomes within federal poverty levels. These numbers bring attention to how essential resources like Help At Your Door are to the community. In the coming year, we plan to continue being a friendly hand to help people stay in their homes, as we have for the past 40 years. Thank you for helping us deliver. We appreciate your support!

Karen Cotch, Executive Director Chris Chambs, Board Chair

Grocery Assistance, Home Support, & Transportation

Who We Help - 67% live alone, 47% have incomes within federal poverty levels, and 62% are over the age of 75

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