Help At Your Door Board Director, Nancy Lange, believes a home should be a sanctuary. She attributes this belief to her mother-in-law who designed and built a home when she was in her sixties. She explains, “My mother-in-law’s home was her sanctuary. It was where we all gathered for holidays and family celebrations. She often asked her children to do all they could to ensure that she continued residing in her home.”

The children followed through with their mother’s request. She lived in her home until the age of 94, right before she passed away. For Nancy, this experience showed how important a home is to an individual. She shares, “We were able to support my mother-in-law – but that isn’t the case for many aging Minnesotans living in the Twin Cities who may not have family nearby. For older adults, often continuing to live in their homes gives comfort and stability while enabling them to remain connected to their communities. And Help At Your Door offers the tools and support to make that option possible.”

As a retired commissioner for the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission, Nancy understands how critical it is to ensure basic needs are met – a sentiment that aligns with our organization’s services. For the past three years, she’s served on Help At Your Door’s Board of Directors and sits on our Diversity and Inclusion Committee. When asked why Nancy chose to donate her time to our nonprofit, sheBoard Director Nancy Lange replied, “Serving on this board is an opportunity to collectively use our talents and expertise so that we can grow and meet the needs of older adults who have limited access to support and services.” 

Nancy saw firsthand the impact of our services this past holiday season when she shopped and delivered groceries for clients. She thinks that Help At Your Door’s personal approach to providing grocery assistance, home support, and transportation services is beneficial for everyone – clients, staff, and volunteers – involved; she noted, “Human connection is healthy. I believe we are all better off when we foster connections in our lives and take care of one another.”

Nancy has two grown daughters and lives with her husband in the Twin Cities. She holds a B.S. from Iowa State University and an M.A. in Public Policy from the University of Minnesota. She has extensive experience in strategic planning, leadership, and public policy.

Help At Your Door is grateful to Nancy for volunteering her time and sharing her skills. We appreciate all that she does to ensure older adults and people with disabilities have the support to maintain their independence.

 We are currently seeking an outgoing, engaging leader to join our dedicated Board of Directors. Are you interested in growing your network and giving back to your community? Join our board! Our nonprofit is committed to having our board represent the communities we serve and encourage members of diverse groups to apply. Learn more:

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