Ann and Don, a devoted couple for the past 43 years, began receiving support from Help At Your Door in 2019 after inquiring about our Grocery Assistance service. Through this program, older adults and people with disabilities can place orders either over the phone or online. After placing an order, we shop for the requested groceries, deliver the items to their home, and help put them away. From lifting heavy grocery bags onto the table to putting the new gallon of milk behind the one in current use and placing everyday items within easy reach – we do what we can to provide a personalized approach that is mindful of the challenges that may come with aging.

For Ann and Don, the same Help At Your Door volunteer, Michelle, calls each time to place the client’s order, and the same staff member, Scott,  delivers their groceries week after week, allowing for meaningful connections to form. Scott shares, “Ann and Don are so kind and know each other so well. I’ve enjoyed connecting with them and look forward to my visits.”

In addition to our efforts, Ann and Don have fine-tuned their experience, working as a team to ensure they have the groceries they need. Don explains, “I have macular degeneration, making it difficult to see fine details. I write down a list of items from the catalog covering all our groceries. Michelle, our Client Connector, calls us to place our order. Ann can see very well, so she helps me read the list. I let her know what groceries we have to order, and Ann relays that information to Michelle.”

Ann and Don also contacted Help At Your Door in April 2021 to use our home support services, which include chore assistance and house repairs. They wanted support with preparing their home to be put on the market for sale. We were glad to support them as they entered this next phase.

We are saddened to hear of Ann’s recent passing and wish her loved ones comfort and strength during this difficult time. We enjoyed Ann’s friendship and are grateful for the opportunity to provide services for her. Please accept our deepest condolences.

If you or someone you know could benefit from receiving Help At Your Door services, please contact us through our website or call 651-642-1892.

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