Last year, Help At Your Door made more than 42,000 personal interactions with our clients.  When visiting the homes of the seniors we serve, we often receive snippets of their lives – growing families, memorable adventures, and celebrated milestones captured and shared in pictures and stories.  Some are inspiring, others are cautionary tales, and there are those which make us grateful for the sacrifices made on our behalf. Below is a glimpse into the life of one of our bundled services’ clients, Betty. 


Despite the challenges that can come with being a first-generation immigrant to the United States, Betty preserved. Her unwavering faith led her to support those in need; and as she will tell you, “My struggle enabled me to understand what struggle is.”

From serving as a director of the clerical support staff at the Hennepin County Mental Health Service Center to running the New Hope Center for Women, Betty’s journey is one of reflection and determination to move forward, regardless of setbacks. Whether that be nursing her husband back to health after three strokes or navigating unfamiliar communities, Betty tends to make the best of whatever hand she is dealt.

One of her favorite memories is of working with women who experienced domestic violence realize their potential and responsibilities. Betty’s husband, Ralph, supported these efforts and helped shift their views: “He provided a role model to change their idea of men.”

Humbly, Betty attributes her strength to God – a consistent force that has guided her path and continues to remain appreciative of her journey: “I’m grateful to be here now, at this stage, in this house for such a time as this. And what a time is this!”

Over the years, Betty has also stepped up many times as a caregiver for family, even if it meant flying across the county, including taking care of her sister and helping her niece power through nursing school with little ones. She’s most grateful though of her marriage with Ralph and to this day, still loves to dance – especially the polka.

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