On Friday mornings, Adam Krueger can be found at Cub Foods – St. Anthony volunteering as a Grocery Shopper for Help At Your Door. After gathering food and other requested essentials for the people we serve, he delivers the groceries to their homes. 

When he arrives at their doorsteps, Adam unpacks items and puts frozen and refrigerated goods away as requested. It’s more than a quick drop off though – he takes the time to visit with clients and check on their wellbeing. He explains,

“I am a morning person, so this fits my schedule. While shopping with other volunteers is fun, my favorite part is connecting with the clients. Getting to know each person firsthand as I deliver their groceries has been the biggest joy.”

One of the clients Adam visits with, Priscilla always has wonderful stories about her life. He connected with her right away, which he accredits to their birthdays only being a few days (and 30 years) apart. They accordingly shared Libra traits.  

Adam notes, “I’d save Priscilla’s grocery delivery for last, so we had time to catch up and visit awhile. At 99, I always tried to make sure Priscilla received what she ordered. Sometimes if our regular store did not have one of her items, I’d stop at another one along my route to find it.”

This weekly routine has been a way for Adam to get involved and give back to his community. He’s been a Help At Your Door volunteer since February 2021— shortly after retiring from his job. He reflects on his decision to volunteer with us, disclosing how he chose Help At Your Door: 

“I was looking for volunteer opportunities that would make a difference in people’s everyday lives. At about the same time, Help At Your Door Board Director, Jason Grom, spoke at my husband’s workplace. Jason shared the importance of the organization’s mission, the programs it offered, and options to get involved. My husband thought I may be interested so I called and learned about their range of volunteer opportunities: make phone calls to order groceries with clients, shop for and deliver groceries, drive clients to appointments, help with home support, and more. Every one of their ways to give back serves older adults and people with disabilities in a meaningful way that impacts their everyday lives. That is the kind of difference that matters to me.”

Adam’s generous spirit reaches beyond our nonprofit. Along with the five hours a week he donates to Help At Your Door, Adam also volunteers for his church by providing administration and delivery services for 8-10 hours a week, mentors a refugee family 8-10 hours a week, and delivers meals for a local nonprofit.

Thank you, Adam, for your service to the individuals we support. We are grateful for your time, effort, and dedication to the community. 

Want to learn more about volunteering with Help At Your Door? For information about specific roles, read our volunteer webpage or contact us: 651-642-1892 | volunteer@helpatyourdoor.org. We also offer group volunteer activities! 

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