After retiring from his job, Chris began looking into his options for volunteer opportunities. He found what he was searching for with Help At Your Door. Chris explains, “I wanted a way to give back while meeting new people that would also be flexible with my time. Help At Your Door provides all three.”

Chris decided two years ago to start volunteering with Help At Your Door. Since then, he has been safely transporting clients to and from appointments, errands, and social outings as a Personal Driver. In this role, he drives individuals and helps them get into and out of the vehicle as requested, as well as stores assistive devices like walkers.

Chris uses an online scheduling platform to select rides that work within his weekly schedule. Generally, he volunteers for three or so hours each week, assisting three to four clients regularly.

Soon after Chris started volunteering, he realized how essential Help At Your Door’s transportation service is. He explains, “In our car-centric society, the number of people that can’t drive for various reasons is amazing. They need help going to the doctor’s office, grocery shopping, and more. Help At Your Door provides a great way for people to live their everyday lives.”

Chris met one client that really stood out to him. She was diagnosed with cancer and sought care. He would drive her to and from her medical appointments. He shares, “When I started driving her, she was in bad shape. I would help her get from her apartment to her doctor’s visits. Over the course of a year, I watched her get better with each trip. She eventually recovered significantly. This experience was so rewarding.”

When asked what he would say to someone interested in volunteering with Help At Your Door, Chris replied, “It’s straightforward to sign-up for rides, log into the system, and find a client you can help. Being a Personal Driver is a great way to give back to seniors in need while learning from their wisdom and years of experience. Most rides are close to your home base and don’t take much out of your day.” 

Thank you, Chris, for donating your time to Help At Your Door. We are so grateful for your efforts!

Want to give back to your community through Help At Your Door? For information about specific roles, read our volunteer webpage or contact us: 651-642-1892 | We also offer group volunteer activities! 

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