In 2022, Jeff Ammann was looking at volunteer opportunities using his employer’s charitable giving software and came across Help At Your Door, an organization that intrigued him. He shares, “I chose to volunteer with Help At Your Door because of my interest in being able to help the elderly population in our community with getting groceries.”

Jeff contacted Help At Your Door and joined the hundreds of volunteers who assist us in providing basic needs for older adults and people with disabilities living in the seven-county Twin Cities metro.

For the past two years, Jeff has been making phone calls as a Client Connector. In this role, Jeff has specific clients assigned to him that he contacts by telephone to take grocery orders through an online ordering system. When requested items are out of stock, the Client Connector offers alternatives and ensures the accuracy of the order by reading it back to the client.

Along with making weekly phone calls to place grocery orders, Jeff also volunteers as a Grocery Helper every other week. In this role, Jeff provides clients with a familiar and friendly presence while ensuring their grocery needs are met. He picks up packed food orders from the grocery store, drives to the client’s home, and helps unpack food into the refrigerator and pantry. Jeff also checks in with clients to ensure their well-being.

Generally, as a Client Connector, Jeff serves three clients, donating a half hour of his time per week. During the weeks when he is also a Grocery Helper, he serves four clients, and it takes him two and a half hours. He finds the time he gives back is well spent, reflecting, “It is really rewarding, and you establish a bond with your clients whether it is over the phone talking about their dog or music or with the clients that you get to see in person with the deliveries. They are always so grateful and happy to see or hear from you.”

One of Jeff’s food deliveries is to Marcie, who is 100 years old and lives independently. The connection they’ve formed is special. He always appreciates stopping by her home, noting, “I can see in her face how happy she is to see me. She usually has a little task for me, like opening some bottles or filling up her soap dispensers. She is an amazing person. I wish her well and tell her I will see her in a couple of weeks, and her response is always the same – ‘Promise?’”

Jeff, we are grateful for your time and dedication to the community. Thank you so much for volunteering with our organization!

Do you want to learn more about volunteering with Help At Your Door? For information about specific roles, read our volunteer webpage or contact us: 651-642-1892 | We also offer group volunteer activities!

Pictured: Jeff and his family at the groom’s dinner for his son Matt’s destination wedding.

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