In January 2022, John Robinson sought a volunteer opportunity to give back to his community. After searching the internet, he came across one that sparked his interest – Help At Your Door, a nonprofit providing grocery delivery, home support, and transportation services for older adults and people with disabilities in the Twin Cities metro.

John contacted Help At Your Door and joined the more than 500 volunteers who assist in providing basic needs and helping to support the people we serve. John loves to drive. He began volunteering with us by taking an individual to her hair appointment and delivering groceries to older adults.

Now, more than a year later, he’s continued his volunteer work as a Grocery Helper on Fridays between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. – as well as any other time he has available. In this volunteer role, John provides clients with a familiar and friendly presence while ensuring their grocery need is met. He picks up packed food orders from the store, drives to the client’s home, and helps unpack food into the refrigerator and pantry. John also checks in with clients to ensure their well-being.

He enjoys interacting with clients and making sure that they feel supported; John explains, “Assisting seniors who need help is very gratifying. They don’t know it, but I am the president of two volunteer organizations, so this keeps me humble.”

Generally, he makes a few deliveries each week and likes the balance of having a couple of regulars whom he’s already built a connection with and new clients. He reflects, “One of my clients seems to be a war veteran. He usually orders a lot of food because he doesn’t want to run out of it. I unload his groceries and pack them into his fridge and freezer as needed, doing as he wishes.”

When asked what he would say to someone interested in volunteering with Help At Your Door, John replied, “It is a way to give back, and the clients appreciate the service. I almost always get a “thank you, John.”

John, we are grateful for your time, effort, and dedication to the community. Thank you so much for volunteering with our organization!

Want to learn more about volunteering with Help At Your Door? For information about specific roles, read our volunteer webpage or contact us: 651-642-1892 | We also offer group volunteer activities!

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