Why We Do What We Do, Help At Your Door

Why We Do What We Do, Help At Your Door

Driver Jim Foley takes a moment to pose for a picture before hitting the road to deliver groceries.

One grocery delivery driver’s gut instinct and training saves the life of an elderly woman.

What seemed like a routine, blustery, Monday morning for Help At Your Door’s, Store To Door grocery delivery driver, Jim Foley, quickly turned into a life-saving experience.

As Foley knocked on 85-year-old client, Elaine’s door, he found that she wasn’t answering to receive her groceries at the agreed upon time. Foley knew that Elaine is home-bound and hard of hearing. After repeated knocking and calls to her home, he spoke with the neighbor who said that she was concerned as Elaine’s paper hadn’t been picked up all weekend and no lights had been on in the home.

Foley rapidly became alarmed and called a Help At Your Door co-worker, Teckla Johnson, senior services director, to explain the circumstances and ask her to investigate further. Johnson describes what happened then, “Calls to the family didn’t help, as they either weren’t home or didn’t know anything about the situation. As it became more suspicious, I called the police to do a non-emergency well check and after assessing the situation, the police decided to enter the home.”

The police found that the elderly woman had fallen down the stairs and had been there for two days. Johnson states, “I can’t image what was going through her head as she lay there and listened to Jim’s knocks, hoping that somebody would discover her.”

Elaine was very weak, but was responsive and was immediately taken to the hospital.

Because of the heroic actions of Jim, Teckla and the caring neighbor, Elaine survived her harrowing experience and is recovering in the hospital.

This holiday and winter season, look out for your elderly loved ones and neighbors. Every 11 seconds an older adult visits the emergency room from a fall. Here are easy ways to prevent falls around the home and your neighborhood:

  • Make sure railings are installed on all stairs.
  • Remove things on the floor that you can trip over, including small throw rugs.
  • Have grab bars next to the tub or toilet.
  • Use non-slip mats in the tub or shower.
  • Make sure lighting is working and bright enough in all rooms.
  • Wear shoes inside your home, not slippers.
  • Keep sidewalks clear of all ice and snow.

If you have any suspicion that something isn’t right with your neighbors who have disabilities or are elderly, don’t hesitate to notify the police for a well check. You might just save someone’s life.

If you know elderly or disabled individuals who could use some extra help around the home to make it safer, please call Help At Your Door at 651-642-1892.

2017 Product Catalog

2017 Product Catalog

2017 Product Catalog

Our 2017 Store To Door Grocery & Delivery Service product catalog is available online.

In your product catalog, you will find thousands of grocery items listed in a conveniently-organized, easy-to-use list.

This catalog will:

  • Help you keep track of what items you need between ordering days
  • Help maintain a list of products you order regularly
  • Allow you and your order taker to work from the same list when ordering over the phone.
  • Help you identify newly added items with a designation of *New*.

You will continue to automatically receive Cub coupon and sale prices on items in the catalog. If items are out of stock, you can indicate whether you want your shopper to substitute similar items of equal or lower price. Please check with your order taker for any monthly specials that might be available.