Help At Your Door clients, staff and volunteers,

Help at Your Door has been monitoring the recent developments around the spread of the coronavirus infection, COVID-19, and has determined that it will continue to offer grocery assistance and delivery, transportation, and home support services to seniors during this difficult time period. To minimize risk, we have developed the guidelines on how grocery deliveries will be handled. Given the uncertain and rapidly changing circumstances surrounding containment of the virus’s spread, we will be continually monitoring the effectiveness of these guidelines and updating them to reflect the latest available information on how to minimize the risk of infection.


1.  We have mandated that any staff or volunteer who is has any illness symptoms stay at home.

2.  We have implemented enhanced cleaning procedures for all grocery bins and vans.

3.  We ask that any client who has symptoms of the coronavirus to notify our office prior to requesting any service, as well as notify their medical providers. We will still make arrangements to get these people needed food but will take extra precautions to ensure the health and safety of all is not compromised

4.  When our Client Connectors speak with clients on the phone, they will inform clients that we are providing the option of “no contact” delivery, which is defined as follows: knocking on the door, leaving the groceries at the door, stepping back 6 feet or more when the client comes to the door, and waiting while the client brings groceries into his/her home. All communications with the client will be carried on at a distance of 6 feet or more.

Otherwise, deliverers will be abiding by a “limited contact” policy, which is defined as follows: knocking on the door, and when the client comes to the door, asking the client to stand back at least 6 feet for the deliverer to bring the groceries into the home and leave them inside the doorway or on a counter in the kitchen, according to the client’s preference. The deliverer will then step back outside of the home to communicate with the client from a distance of 6 feet or more.

If a client requests “no contact” delivery, please indicate that in the “Notifications About Client” note box (for Cub orders) or via email to

We are also asking Client Connectors to let their clients know that due to product shortages at the stores, they may receive more substitutions than usual. Clients who currently have “no substitutions” selected are encouraged to change their preference to allow substitutions at this time.

5.  We encourage volunteer shoppers to support vulnerable seniors by continuing to shop for them, but require those shoppers who are ill to stay home.
6.  Transportation drivers are required to wipe down door handles before and after each trip. And we encourage our volunteer drivers to continue to support the provision of transportation services to vulnerable seniors, unless a driver is ill.
7.  Needed home support services will continue at this time. If a project can be delayed, we may select to put it on a waiting list for April.
8.  Help at Your Door is working closely with government officials to coordinate additional prevention measures. We appreciate your understanding and support during this time.


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